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Here is what you need to do!

‘WiFi’ can easily qualify as one of the lifelines of multiple professions because when we make efforts to reap the benefits of technology at their best, our dependence on it increases inevitably. You can connect with someone in a different continent leading a life absolutely different from yours and share a professional relationship with them that turns out to be symbiotic and therefore, enriching for both the parties. You can run your business at home while following the preventive measures to keep the coronavirus out of your life and stay connected with your team through meetings. If it were not for wifi, it would have been impossible to imagine this advanced level of management and networking.

What is WiFi?

Though used by billions of people across the globe, not many people are aware of its full form. ‘Wifi’ is the abbreviated form of Wireless Fidelity. It is the wireless technology that enables various devices to connect with the internet, without the requirement of a physical wired connection. The list of devices includes computers, mobile phones, printers, cameras etc.

Ways to increase the WiFi speed

With an increased dependence on WiFi for professional and personal use, a sluggish WiFi can impact your entire schedule in an irreversibly negative way. If the obstruction caused a by a slow WiFi connection is making things difficult for you, here is what you need to do:


1. Turn things off and then turn them on again:

Working continuously for hours at a stretch can be really exhausting and it becomes important for you to take a break every now and then. Just like that, your router, modem and the devices connected to the WiFi, also need a break. The simplest way to do that is to turn all these off and turn them on again. Resetting your modem and router, can enhance the speed. As simple as it is, sometimes, all you need to do is turn your devices off and turn them on again!

2. Shift your router to a better place:

The WiFi signals can get interrupted by the walls, floors and large objects like furniture, appliances or devices like microwave ovens, bluetooth devices, cordless phones etc. So don’t pick a sad little corner for your WiFi; place it in the centre and you will feel the difference in the speed. Also,your basement is definitely not your router’s happy place!


3. Extend the WiFi network:

In certain cases, right from the position of the router to the internet plan, everything is as required and yet the WiFi speed is slow. In such cases, using additional devices will come to your rescue. WiFi boosters, powerline extender kits, wired access points & mesh wifi systems are the devices that are known to increase the speed, thereby eliminating the network issues.

4. Replace the old equipment with the new one:

If your router and modem are outdated and are leading to frustratingly slow WiFi speeds, it is about time you replace the existing equipment with the new router and modem to fix your problems!


5. Upgrade to a faster internet plan:

Sometimes, the real culprit is your internet connection that cannot keep up with your consumption needs. So, upgrading to a faster internet plan will fix all your WiFi speed related issues in this case.

6. Keep your router updated:

If the router is properly updated, WiFi performance is up to the mark. So ensure that your router is updated.


7. Get a better antenna:

If the big size of powerful antennas don’t bother you, then replace the weak antennas with the stronger ones to boost the WiFi performance. The antennas you usually get along with your routers are weak and replacing those with the ones with more gain, will bring about a significant change in the WiFi speed.

We are here to answer all your wifi/network related questions, fix all your problems and ensure that network issues don’t come in your way of meeting your deadlines.